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Summer and Chinese medicine

Wanna know what relationship summer and Chinese medicine have? Wanna know how to optimise your health for this season? Read on to know more.

Summer is just around the corner. It’s the hottest and driest season of the year. It is important to avoid dehydration by drinking water regularly and avoid being in the sun for too long, especially during the midday hours. In Traditional Chinese Medicine summer is associated with the Fire element and related to the Heart and Small Intestine organ systems.

In contrast to the cold winter which is Yin, the hot summer is Yang and represents energy, expansion, movement and activity. In order to counteract the heat and the increased activity make sure to eat fresh and cooling foods and have a proper hydration.

Emotionally, the heart is connected to the mind/spirit and this is the best season to heal emotional wounds from the past. Healing these wounds will make new space to let new emotions (happiness, love and joy) in and ensure that we will not carry old hurts with you into the future.

Physiologically, the heart moves oxygenated blood through the body and ensures correct absorption of the foods during the beginning stages of digestion through the small intestine.

Here a few suggestions you can implement for a healthier winter:

  • sleep late and wake early, days are long and we have more energy
  • exercise more frequently and vigorously avoiding midday hours
  • spend more time outdoors and in nature
  • eat seasonal fruit and vegetables such as watermelon, banana, pineapple, cucumber, papaya, apple, tomato, coconut, lettuce
  • eat foods that are associated and strengthen the Heart system like parsley, spinach, kale, coffee, green and black tea, strawberries, red lentils, tomato, lemon, beef, cherries, and other bitter foods
  • drink and hydrate sufficiently
  • eat a variety of warm and cooked foods and cold and raw foods
  • strengthen your immune system with acupuncture or/and herbal supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine offers several options especially formulated for the change of season. We highly suggest to find a Chinese Medicine Practitioner trained in herbal medicine

Enjoy the energy of the winter and stay healthy and happy!