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Acupuncture is the star of our treatments. Different styles and techniques of acupuncture are used to satisfy all needs however we put special emphasis on gentle and painless needling.

herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is the combination of carefully selected herbs into formulas that address all types of conditions. All formulas are completely natural and  free of chemicals.

nutrition therapy

Chinese nutritional therapy is the third pillar of Chinese medicine. An effective technique that applied and diligently followed can help you achieve optimal well-being and balance.

needle-less acupuncture

Don't fancy needles? Needle-less acupuncture is an excellent and effective way to help alleviate your symptoms and restore optimal physical and emotional balance.


The bioenergy report is an accurate and visual diagnostic tool that shows tha state of your health. It perfectly integrates the Chinese medicine pulse and tongue diagnosis.


If you don't live or cannot regularly visit our wonderful island of Mallorca, we offer videoconsultations. Book your appointment or contact us to learn more.

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