Laser Acupuncture

Safety and effectiveness without discomfort.

Ancient Technique, Modern Technology

Laser acupuncture incorporates the best of both worlds: the perfect pairing of an ancient technique with modern technology. It is especially suited for babies, children and patients who are needle phobic.

Laser acupuncture is an excellent and effective alternative to traditional acupuncture. It is totally painless and safe.

What is laser acupuncture?

Laser technology has been applied to acupuncture for more than 30 years. It’s a technique performed with a laser pen that stimulates traditional acupuncture points with low intensity, non-thermal laser irradiation.

laser pen

Who can get laser acupuncture treatment?

This technique can be applied without restrictions to anyone and there are no specific contraindications. In our clinic we treat many babies and children with excellent results

family and kids

How effective is it?

Laser acupuncture is as effective as traditional acupuncture. There are studies that demonstrate the efficacy and safety of this technique. It can help you solve all kinds of disorders.

Is it safe?

The laser pens we use have been specially developed for acupuncture. They have a wavelength of 635 nm and an output power of 5 mW making them a totally safe tool.