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Fertility and Chinese medicine: best tips

Before you consider trying to get pregnant, your health and fertility should be in best condition. In this article you will find the best Chinese medicine tips for fertility.

Chinese medicine emphasises the importance in the balance among various organ systems, including the kidneys, liver, stomach, lungs and heart. Therefore if anything is off-balance, it can affect your chances of getting pregnant.

It is not only important to improve your body, but it is also very important to improve your mind. According to Chinese medicine there is a relationship between the different emotions and the organ systems. Long standing emotional upsets can have a negative effect on an organ system. So for example if you are always sad, this will have a negative effect on your lungs, if you are always angry, it will have a negative impact on your liver and so forth.

If you are sleeping well, have plenty of energy, have proper digestion and a balanced state of mind then all the systems will work more efficiently, including your reproductive system.

Here the top Chinese medicine tips for boosting your fertility.

1. Understand “Warming” and “Cooling” Foods in Chinese medicine terms

In Chinese medicine the body can be divided into ”Heat-type” and “Cold-type” constitutions.

To prevent an internal build-up of “heat”, eat foods that have cooling properties. Alternatively people with “Heat-type” constitutions need to eat foods that have cooling qualities. Cooling foods include pork, crab and vegetables while warming foods include beef, mutton and prawns. Neutral foods, on the other hand, are neither warming nor cooling, but can invigorate the stomach, stimulate the appetite and gently nourish the body. In the end it is all about moderation and variety, mixing all different types of food is the key to a balanced nutrition.

2. Eat fresh, avoid processed food

Your diet should be made of REAL foods.

It should therefore consist of meat, fish and seafood, eggs, legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating processed, packaged and canned food. And avoid eating the same foods all the time, introduce a wide variety of different foods and spices.

3. Food can affect your fertility and sperm quality

You can improve sperm quality.

To do so, apart from eating fresh foods, include more of the following in your diet: prawns, squid, eel, sweet potato and ginkgo seeds.

Avoid drinking alcohol, sugary drinks and too much coffee which affects sperm quality.

To increase your libido eat more foods that are high in zinc like nuts, shellfish, meat (especially beef and lamb), legumes, eggs, dairy and whole-grains.

4. Regulate your body fat for better fertility

Too much body fat or too little body fat can make it more difficult to get pregnant or can complicate your pregnancy.

This can affect the body’s ability to produce oestrogen so Chinese medicine and also modern research recommend trying to loose some weight beforehand. The faster you are able to take up a healthy diet with real and wholegrain foods the sooner you will be able to control your weight and feel more energetic.

5. Cut down on strenuous and vigorous exercise

Being physically active can help improve your overall blood flow to all organs and other parts of your body.

However doing too much strenuous exercise can interfere with your cycle, your menstruation and ovulation. It is recommended to cut back on your exercise routine if you want to become pregnant.

6. Load up on Chinese medicine herbs and minerals

Chinese medicine has a range of different herbs that are excellent for fertility and a source of all necessary minerals.

These are mostly roots, seeds and fruits that are generally not used for everyday consumption but can be prescribed by an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner after a thorough consultation.

Some commonly used and readily available herbs that you can introduce into your diet are ginger, Goji berries and angelica root.

Alternatively you can supplement with folic acid, zinc and magnesium or add foods that are high in these minerals.
Foods like legumes, broccoli, spinach, avocado, banana, nuts and seeds, orange, eggs, kale, mushrooms, and seafood are excellent choices.

Lemons are known for containing a high amount of vitamin C but they also have other benefits like improving your digestive health, supporting heart health, and helping control your weight. I suggest you start your day by taking a cup of warm lemon water. Here is an easy way to make it:

  • squeeze half a lemon
  • mix it with a cup of warm water
  • add a tea spoon of honey if the taste is too strong

I hope you enjoyed the best tips to improve your fertility. Any other questions you have, feel free to contact me at