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Observe your Qi with this amazing technology! Our body needs energy to function. Ancient Chinese doctors have defined it as Qi and Indian yogis call it Prana. What exactly is human bioenergy and how is it measured?

What is bioenergy?

Your body produces energy. It is essential for many functions such as growing, moving, walking, breathing, running, producing breast milk and maintaining healthy tissues. You get this energy from air and food. It is not only vital to produce and spend enough energy, it must also always stay balanced to ensure the perfect functioning of your body.

How is it measured?

We use a powerful tool called AcuGraph®. This allows to measure the Qi that flows through your meridians and diagnose you more precisely, adding to the traditional pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Bioenergy report

What is a bioenergy report?

The bioenergy report is a visual representation of your body’s state of balance. Before each session we do an AcuGraph® exam and analyse the changes comparing them to the previous treatment. This interactive tool allows us to diagnose you more precisely and design personalized treatment plan.

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