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Autumn and Chinese medicine

Wanna know what relationship autumn and Chinese medicine have? Wanna know how to optimise your health for this season? Read on to know more.

The changes in season place additional physical and emotional demands on our bodies and we are more vulnerable to diseases or low spirits. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognises this and uses acupuncture to help smooth this transition and prevent sickness.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (as well as our own tradition), autumn is the harvest season. It is the time of the year when our bodies need to store enough energy to tackle the colder months and the upcoming winter.

The season of autumn is associated with the Metal element and related the the Lung and Large Intestine organ systems. The Lungs are the pivot between the interior and the exterior, regulate breathing, take in oxygen, hydrate the skin and control the pores and sweating.

To sum up the Lungs are related to the immune system and the skin and therefore we must take care of them if we want to enjoy a winter without colds, flues, sore throats and a lustrous and youthful skin.

Here a few suggestions you can implement for a healthier autumn:

  • sleep early and wake early (sleeping before midnight is highly rejuvenating
  • protect your body and neck against the dry wind and the cold air
  • do light exercise or long walks in the countryside or woods
  • eat seasonal fruit and vegetables such as grapes, lemon, apple, pear, kiwi, kale, eggplant, pumpkin, spinach, cucumber, capsicum, leek and carrots
  • drink and hidrate abundantly
  • eat warm and cooked foods, avoid cold and raw foods
  • strengthen your immune system with acupuncture or/and herbal supplements, Tradicional Chinese Medicine offers several options especially formulated the change of season. We highly suggest to find a Chinese Medicine Practitioner trained in herbal medicine

Enjoy the energy of the autumn and stay healthy and happy!