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PUNTOS de Salud is your professional and trusted clinic specialised in acupuncture and Chinese medicine conveniently located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca.

How can acupuncture and Chinese medicine help you?


Increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Chronic fatigue

Regain your vital energy and reestablish your mental strength.

Pain & tension

Get rid of tensions and aches all over your body.

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University Degree

Western medical sciences and Chinese medicine

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Member 7499 of the Spanish Association of Acupuncturists

Don't take my word for it

My clients tell their stories.

Salva of 'Puntos de Salud' gives his utmost care and attention during each session so I leave feeling centred and rejuvenated, every time. After a very short time I began to feel massive improvements and have continued to do so throughout my treatments with Puntos de Salud. Salva will help you find a true path to health.

Millie Burston

Review on Google 10/2019

I was struggling for months with digestive problems, until I went to see Salva in Puntos de Salud. Actually I was quite hopeless before I went to see him and could not even enjoy food any longer.. Already the first session helped me incredibly well and I managed to eat with no fear once again! Thank you so much Salva for your professionalism and advice in all sessions.

Jugana Peric

Review on Google 07/2019

why Chinese medicine?

5 reasons to choose Chinese medicine.

With perseverance and commitment you can reach your objectives.

1. It's Natural

Chinese medicine doesn't use chemical substances and therefore doesn't have unpleasant side effects.

2. It's Holistic

Chinese medicine sees the body as a whole inseparable entity and treats it as such.

3. It's Effective

Chinese medicine is backed by thousands of years of practice and scientific evidence.

4. It's Cumulative

Each acupuncture treatment builds on the one before it increasing the benefits exponentially.

5. It's Sustainable

Chinese medicine is 100% sustainable. Needles are used only once and then recycled.

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